Race Face apparel catalogue available at raceface.com

Raceface very recently updated their web site with the new apparel catalogue, take a look here

Not sure if I like the look of the new shorts, seem to have a slightly casual look, http://raceface.com/apparel/mens-collection/shorts-and-pants/stage-short/stage_short





The new Stage jersey I like better, nice colors, http://raceface.com/apparel/mens-collection/jerseys/stage-jersey-ls/






Stage gloves looks awesome, http://raceface.com/apparel/mens-collection/gloves/stage-glove/






(All pictures from raceface.com)

Would like to have a kit to test, and update the article, will see if that happens 🙂

Deler AS is the distributors in Norway. Will check if they will let norwegian dealers sell Race Face soft goods.



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