Upgrades to my Lapierre Zesty 714 2012 – Part 1

Hi all, I will make a short summary of what changes I have done to my bike, to make it even better, and last but not least of course, make it look better 🙂

Rock Shox Reverb Seatpost 400mm 2012

The first two upgrades I did was to install a Rock Shox Reverb Seatpost, this has probably been the smartest upgrade I have done all my mountainbike life, it made my type of biking much more easier, because og one single reason: When you don’t need to get off the bike to lower your seatpost, you actually lower your seatpost.

With push of a button and the seat is lowered and its just to keep up the flow when going down. When you have to get off the bike, it ends up with not doing it, and you miss a lot of fun.

The Lapierre Zest 714 comes with a full carbon frame with integrated cabling, including an available slot for adjustable seatpost which needs a remote control on the handlebar. In order to install the Reverb seatpost with the integrated cable I had to detach the hydraulic cable from the remote control and drag it through the frame. But all the work made it look very nice, without a cable trapped onto the outside of the frame.

Shimano XTR Trail pedals

The bike comes without pedals, so this is actually not a upgrade, but a pretty neccessary install. I landed on the brand new Shimano XTR Trail Clipless SPD Pedals M985, they are of course not worth the price, but light are they.

These pedals works perfectly fine, they are not getting muddy in wet weather, and they are really use come in/out of.

The bike looks ok with them too:

I will explain my last upgrades next time, that will cover new rear derailleur wheels, stem and handlebar.


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